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Brand Guidelines

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Without invalidating any existing material, we had to give the identity of this leading UK training company a big boost - and make sure it stayed on track.


Aspiration Training felt that their overall corporate identity lacked the spark so clearly evident within the organisation itself. Yet with a great deal of signage, stationery and literature in place, wholesale change was not a viable option. So without so much as a tweak to the logo and without invalidating any existing material, we had to ring the changes and produce an identity guide to ensure that, henceforth, strongly branded marketing materials could be created with quickly and ‘on message’.


The existing identity already made use of a small range of contrasting colours and of circles, but these, the logo, typesetting and copy had generally been used in a way that lacked confidence. Understatement is often a good thing. Overly-cautious under-design, is not. We took these existing elements and made much, much more of them, using much larger areas of bold colours and shapes and much greater use of concise, bold copy and typography.


The client is delighted and making extensive use of the new identity across all marketing materials. Arguably as important is the message this quite dramatic shift in the ID has sent internally, being a highly visible part of a whole programme of internal improvements