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For many years, we have edited and produced Jackson-Stops & Staff’s UK Market Review as a twelve page, upmarket newsletter. Still highly popular in its print format, we nevertheless felt that an online version would be welcomed by many, especially tablet users.


An increasing proportion of Jackson-Stops & Staff’s audience were - directly and via main website usage - indicating a preference for reading their UK Market Review, online. Alongside, postage costs were of growing concern to our client.


We saw a number of opportunities in creating an online version. Firstly, it could be bigger, including past articles and extra features, which would be good for readers and for SEO. Secondly, by making it auto-responsive - and including a web app link - we could make it user-friendly for all users, with no need for a special mobile version. Finally, by putting a lot of time and effort into the overall look (via different size devices), we could enable the medium to deliver a clear message about our client.


Universally welcomed by Jackson-Stops & Staff as a whole and with very positive feedback from their audience, perhaps the most striking comment came from the MD of their largest group of offices, which is London: “It’s great because it’s another part of the constant process of being right up-to-date. It makes us look really modern."